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OASG Library

The OASG has a lending library of books and videos (available to members only).


  1. We keep a waiting list for each item, in order to be fair and give everyone a chance to borrow the books and videos.

  2. If you cannot attend a meeting when your name is up for the item, there are two options:

    • You can make arrangements for someone to sign the item out for you. The "transporter" will sign for the book/video so that we know who it went with.

    • We can move your name to the following month and the person in line after you can borrow the book.

    If it is a hardship to attend meetings and there is a resource you'd really like to borrow, please contact Karen and she will try to make arrangements.

  3. Resources may only be taken out for one month (that is, from one meeting to the next).

  4. If an item is due back and you cannot attend the upcoming meeting, please try to find another member who can return it for you.

If you'd like to donate a book or video, or even loan it to the library for a period of time, we'd be delighted. You may ask for the book/video to be returned at any time.

If you have any suggestions for our library, please contact Karen.

Books for Children

  • Alexander and His Pals Visit the Main Street School

    Take a bus trip with Alexander (the Elephant who is allergic to peanuts) and his friends as they travel to teach others about food allergies. (Appropriate for children 3-8.)

  • Alexander - A Special Day at School

    Alexander the Elephant eagerly awaits his trip to school, as this is the day his class visits the cafeteria for the first time. The story also discusses the bus ride to school, handling food trading, and eating in a cafeteria. Heartwarming story captures concerns of young children while giving them a positive outlook on new situations. (Appropriate for children 3-8.)

  • Alexander Goes Out To Eat

    Alexander has always wanted to go out to eat in a restaurant, and he finally gets his chance! Young readers will love learning about how Alex manages his food allergies on this special occasion. (Appropriate for children 3-8.)

  • Alexander Goes to a Birthday Party

    Alexander the Elephant handles his food allergies at his very first birthday party. (Appropriate for children 3-8.)

  • Alexander Goes Trick-or-Treating

    Halloween is every child’s magic holiday as they go door-to-door collecting special treats. Alexander and his friends show how to manage food allergies while trick-or-treating. (Appropriate for children 3-8.)

  • Alexander's Special Holiday Treat

    Young readers are sure to identify with Alexander and why he feels different from his classmates, especially during the holidays. But, as readers will soon learn, being different can be a big plus! (Appropriate for children 3-8.)

  • Andrew and Maya Learn About Food Allergies

    Hop on board and buckle up––you’re about to travel at the speed of light with Andrew, Maya, and Professor Mashughona as they learn about food allergies. This book is a wonderful tool to teach young readers why some people can eat certain foods and not get sick, while others cannot. (Appropriate for children 7 and up.)

  • Call Me Brave Boy

    A little boy who is having problems breathing gets advice from Dr. Giggles about how to use his superpower puffers to help him be Brave Boy -- and cope with his asthma. (Appropriate for children 3-8.)

  • How Lenny Found Out About His Food Allergy

    Tag along with Lenny the Lion as he goes to the doctor for a skin test to find out why he’s been feeling ill. Great for calming pre-doctor appointment jitters! (In the end, he's allergic to milk!) (Appropriate for children 3-8.)

  • Kim Goes to Camp

    Young readers will enjoy reading about Kim as she faces the challenge of going to sleep-away camp. The entertaining story will help children gain confidence in handling similar situations. (Appropriate for children 7 and up.)

  • No Nuts for Me

    An engaging story told by a very active little boy who doesn't let his nut allergy get in the way of having fun. Noah carries on a running conversation throughout the story, and explains in a matter-of-fact way what it's like to be allergic to nuts. (Appropriate for children 3-8.)

  • Once Upon a Breath

    A jazzy, asthmatic wolf doesn't let asthma give him the blues, despite some interference from 3 pesky little pigs. Discusses use of prevention medication and how to avoid triggers. (Appropriate for children 3-8.)

Books for Teens

  • Stories from the Heart (Volume I)

    This compilation of stories by teens who have food allergies shows they all share similar feelings and experiences. A must-have book to help teens learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others.

Books for Parents

  • Allergies: Questions You Have... Answers You Need (Jennifer Hay)

  • Asthma in Children (Tom Kovesi, M.D. / CHEO / The Lung Association)

  • L'Asthme Chez les Enfants (Tom Kovesi, M.D. / CHEO / L'Association Pulmonaire)

  • Caring for Your Child with Severe Food Allergies (Lisa Cipriano Collins)

  • Food Allergy Field Guide - A Lifestyle Manual for Families (Theresa Willingham)

  • The Canadian Allergy and Asthma Handbook (Dr. B. Zimmerman, Dr. M. Gold, Dr. S. Levy, Dr. S. Feanny)

  • The Complete Kid's Allergy and Asthma Guide (General Editor, Dr. Milton Gold)

  • The Parent's Guide to Food Allergies (Marianne S. Barber)

  • The Peanut Allergy Answer Book (Michael C. Young, M.D.)


  • Alexander the Elephant Who Couldn't Eat Peanuts

    Award winning animated video. Designed to show children that they are not alone in having food allergies. An aid to discussing feelings: what it's like to be different from friends; what it's like to be afraid of eating something you should not be eating. (Time 9:53)

  • Taking Control - Volume I "Life Threatening Food Allergies and You"

    Anaphylaxis and Severe Food Allergy: defining anaphylactic shock; why it happens; how it affects the body. Emergency Response Plan: providing ideas and tips to create a safer environment for children at risk. Building Awareness: helping you communicate effectively with others. (Time 15:00)

  • Taking Control - Volume II "Living with Food Anaphylaxis"

    Coping with a Diagnosis: providing perspective on living with food anaphylaxis. Understanding anaphylaxis: defining anaphylactic shock, why it happens and how it affects the body. Learning to Live with Anaphylaxis: Practical tips for staying safe, emergency response plan and more. (Time 20:00)

  • It Only Takes One Bite

    Explains the basics of food allergy and how to manage it. Explains the medical and emotional aspects of living with food allergies in a positive, can-do-tone. (Time 18:00)

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